Graphic Design

England Euro 2016 Football Kit Concept

The England Euro 2016 kits were unveiled in March 2016 and didn’t get the reaction they were probably hoping for. The users of Twitter ripped the designs apart and it was hard to find anyone who liked them, especially the bold sock colour combinations.


What I don’t understand about England kits is that we never use our flag colours in the design. Our flag is white and red but the colours are always white and blue. Some people argue that the use of the St George’s cross can be deemed controversial but I think if you look at most nations, they use their flag colours in the design. France’s national kit is a perfect example of this. Nike (who designed both the French and English kits) feature the colours of the French flag throughout the design using blue and red for the sleeves but keeping the torso white.

@StanCollymore tweeted around the time of the kit launch and it’s safe to say he wasn’t keen on Nike’s new design. I took this opportunity to tweet the Ex-Liverpool striker my design and he loved it! See Stan’s and other people’s reactions here.

Stan Collymore tweeted my design with a caption containing three love heart emojis (above). England’s kits have a life span of about 6 games, so who knows? They might consider it for the next design!