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Tunbridge Wells Forum 22nd Anniversary

The Forum, an independent music venue in Tunbridge Wells, came to me with a request to design a t-shirt and poster for their 22nd anniversary.


This was a great project to work on, mainly because they gave me complete creative freedom to do whatever I liked. They loved the initial concepts and we went on to create three posters and a t-shirt design, which have all since sold out.


The poster incorporates elements taken from the building, such as the metal framework surrounding the illustration, which can be seen on the front entrance to the venue.

The t-shirts where a massive hit with The Forum’s fans and staff alike, and are set to be restocked due to popular demand.

My biggest pet peeve when attending gigs is people who watch the whole set through their phones, because they’re busy filming it. The message “Put it down and jump around” on the back of the shirt is intended to get fans to put their phones away and live in the moment.