Frustrating user experience doesn’t just happen online.

I’m a huge fan of BULK POWDERS® and their products, I regularly buy numerous items from the website and have done for years. Their shakes are delicious, cost-efficient and just consistently great.

BUT! My biggest gripe is the packaging. They offer so many tasty flavours of whey protein and creatine that I buy all the time.

This means I have at least 5 or 6 packets in my cupboard at any time, crammed in with shakers, pre-workout etc.

My UX issue is that the packaging is the same on ALL of these products/flavours. If I want mixed berry creatine the packaging on first glance is no different to salted caramel whey protein.

The only way of telling the difference other than opening the packet is tiny text on the back of the packet.

To overcome this problem I have provided a solution. If the flavours where slightly colour coded, I could open my cupboard and grab my desired flavour in seconds.

I’ve added a bold flavour strip along the bottom and top as the user may store them differently.

Again, I’m sitting here in my BULK POWDERS® hoodie, drinking BULK POWDERS® salted caramel protein from a BULK POWDERS® shaker. I love the brand but my user experience could be slightly improved.

Let me know what you think…